Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Dinking" Around Town

This is proof that we are very far from our home!

The Anchorage Visitors Center in downtown Anchorage. Grass grows on top of the roof and gets quite beautiful during the summer months.

A small replica of the Alaskan Railroad train that pulls the Holland America and Princess cars for us.

Gray Wolf - they are huge, but so beautiful! The males can weigh between 85 and 145lbs., stand 26 to 38 inches at the shoulder, and live for approximately 10-18 years. As much as I want to see a wild bear or moose, seeing a wild wolf would be a highlight for me.

Which one is the brown bear??

The Chugach Mountains surround Anchorage - we are blessed to see these mountains every day!

A Puffin - up close and personal!

Two cute brown bears :)

Got my moose lips on!

This is a pretty accurate size of a real moose. We haven't seen a wild one yet, but we still have five more months for that! We were told the other day that a female moose was walking through the rail yard - I was so bummed that I missed it!

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