Sunday, May 10, 2009

More "Dinking"

Here are some more photos of us enjoying Anchorage.

I'm sure this is the only chocolate moose/bear in town!

This photo makes me want to sing Debbie White's "Moose and Bear" song.

We ate at a restaurant called "The Peanut Farm," which is situated on a creek. We were able to sit outside on the balcony. breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy some really good food. Afterward, we walked down around the creek and explored a bit. Again, Anchorage is so beautiful and the weather has been magnificent - the locals say the wonderful weather is extremely rare - usually it is raining and quite cold. We have said that we brought the Florida sunshine with us.

If you look at the banks of the creek, you can see that there is still thick sheets of ice. Over the winter, this creek is frozen solid. Spring has finally come to Anchorage.

These statues just cracked us up - they are located outside a bank that has a Starbucks attached. We stopped for a coffee break and had to take photos of these funny things. I don't know which one is the funniest - I guess you can decide!

Guess what time this photo was taken (taken about 10 days ago)??? On this date, it was 10:30PM. The daylight is beginning to stay around more and more. Last night, I begin to yawn and said to Rennie, "Why am I so tired"...then I looked at the was 10:00PM and the sun was still shinning brightly! Well..duhhh...

Until next time...Pamela

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