Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Bittersweet Goodbye

Yesterday was my last day teaching and it was so bittersweet. The day began with some of my composition students performing their plays that they had written as an assignment. The rest of the day was treated like the last day of school - no one did any "work" at all - we partied and played!

I received many heartfelt gifts from my students and I cherish that so much. So many sweet notes were written to me that truly made me feel loved. Deep friendships have been established with most of these students and I know that I will be a part of their lives forever.

I was so blessed and honored to teach at PEP (Providence Extension Program) for the past two years and pray that some life lessons "stick" with these students and that they will take these lessons with them throughout the rest of their education. Now, I'm moving forward with what God has for me (what that all entails after Alaska, I have no clue, but know that He will show me the way - I just want to make a difference in peoples lives).

A tearful yet joyous farewell to my students - I love you and all of you are my "Golden Children"!

Until next time...Pamela

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