Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Adam!

Today is our son, Adam's, 25th birthday. Rennie and I were remembering the activities surrounding Adam's birth and how humorous it was. I was in labor for about nine hours, but spent the majority of my labor walking around the hospital with about six of my friends following close behind me - stopping each time I had a contraction, praying and some taking turns rubbing my lower back with a base ball (thank you Ray Schmidt for the use of your baseball). Each time someone would walk by us they would chuckle as to how many "helpers" I had. My labor coach, Sharon, was also extremely pregnant - the nurses kept asking her if she was ok or in labor too. Where was Rennie? He was socializing with approximately fifteen friends and family members who were packed into the labor and delivery waiting room. I was in no mood for him to be following me around at that time. Only mothers who have experienced natural childbirth without the assistance of any drugs would really appreciate that thought! At 6:13pm, Adam, made his arrival - all 9lbs., 6oz., of him. Today he is 6'1" and towers over me!

I pray that this birthday is special for Adam, and I am believing that this year he will be blessed with a lot of good, good, things. You are loved by many, Adam! Happy, Happy, Birthday!!!

In the meantime....I'm still furiously working on packing and pricing items for our garage sale this weekend. Even if we were not going to Alaska, I still need to get rid of this stuff, just to
unclutter my life a bit. Now it is back to the stacks!

Until next time...Pamela

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