Saturday, March 28, 2009

Some Things We'll Miss

While we are across the country, we will miss our family the most, however, there are three little (some not so little) things we will also miss. Pets quickly wrap your heart around their paws and become like family. They are chalked full of personality and keep you laughing when days are rough. Three guys we'll miss are our two cats, Simba - eleven years old (pictured at the right) and Pooh Bear - ten years old, and our grand-dog, Butch - three years old. One thing Rennie will not miss is the abundance of cat fur! Two light colored cats and most clothing do not mix!

Simba and Pooh were both born in our home, so we are all they know. Most people call them little lions - which they are extremely big for domestic cats (Pooh - pictured at the right - weights 21.4 lbs!).

They have to stay behind and be taken care of by our son, Adam. I know they will miss us just because we're at the house most of the time. I will be sad to leave them behind, if only for five months but would not want to ship them to Alaska.

Butch the grand-dog - awaiting a treat and he must be the center of attention at all times!

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